Stop Overthinking! The Days After…

Integrating what you have learned

Affirmation... Today, and always, I will embrace the magic of the sea turtle, and approach my life with grace and patience. I have all of the resources that I need within me. I trust my internal guidance and I go with the flow on the path that's right for me.

I am always safe and protected.

  The Oracle Guidance 
Protecting Treasure


Audio Adventure
Give yourself 4 minutes to get out of your head and back into your body so you are open to receiving your intuitive guidance.

If you are not HERE, you are not able to HEAR. 

Kate  Vanden Bos
Intuitive, guide & nature-based coach.

I know two things to be TRUE . . .

Your Soul always knows what path to take. And the natural world is our ally - and both are talking to us ALL of the time.

You just need to remember how to Listen

Kate Vanden Bos specializes in guiding you to live a life that is led by the magic of your intuition – one that is off of the ‘normal’ beaten path, and can often go against the pressure of the ‘shoulds’ – but is invariably FULL of adventure, exhilaration, and provides a completely fresh look at the landscape of your life! She explores with her clients the ways in which the natural world of spirit is always talking to you – and it’s very chatty! To be able to hear it, you need to learn to listen. And it’s easier than you might think…